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History at Macy's State Street in Chicago

History at Macy's State Street in Chicago

The Great Clocks (The corner of State Street and Washington Street; The corner of State Street and Randolph Street)
Weighing in at over seven tons each, the massive and elegant timepieces have kept Chicago on time for more than a century. The Great Clocks, known as the "Sentinels of State Street" with their ornamental ironwork and timeless beauty still remain a popular meeting place for Chicagoans and visitors alike, becoming icons of Chicago and "making State Street, that Great Street!"

Great Granite Pillars (State Street Entrance)
Installed in the portico in 1902, only the pillars at the Temple of Karnak in Egypt are taller.

The Tiffany Ceiling (5th Floor)
The grandiose ceiling, which was installed in 1907, contains over 1.6 million pieces and is the largest unbroken example of Tiffany Favrile glass in the world.

Burnham Fountain, also known as The Lost Fountain (Atrium)
During the building of the State Street location in 1892, plans included the Burnham Fountain, a landmark inside the store where shoppers could meet. Marshall Field, however, thought the Fountain to be a misfit in the floor plans and withheld construction of the Fountain. During the building’s $115 million restoration in 1992, plans for the fountain were found and the fountain, with its 3-tiered waterfall feature, was finally constructed on the 1st Floor of the store.

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